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Case Study: Pike Lagree Pilates Studio's Journey to Success with Everyday Social

Client Overview: Pike Lagree, nestled in the heart of Oakbrook, is a premier destination for fitness enthusiasts seeking a transformative workout experience. Led by a passionate team committed to excellence, Pike Lagree Pilates Studio offers a holistic approach to fitness, combining innovative Lagree Method techniques with personalized coaching to help clients achieve their wellness goals.

Challenges: As a burgeoning studio in a competitive fitness landscape, Pike Lagree Pilates Studio faced the challenge of establishing a strong brand presence and attracting new clients. With a vision to expand their reach and elevate their studio's reputation, they sought strategic guidance to enhance their digital marketing efforts and engage with their target audience effectively. Additionally, Pike Lagree Pilates Studio aimed to promote their upcoming second studio location opening in Summer 2024 and activate an influencer campaign to drive traffic and generate buzz.

Our Approach: Everyday Social collaborated closely with Pike Lagree Pilates Studio to develop a comprehensive strategy that aligned with their goals and objectives. Leveraging our expertise in social media management, content creation, and influencer marketing, we devised a tailored approach to elevate Pike Lagree Pilates Studio's brand presence and attract new clients. Our team crafted engaging content highlighting the studio's unique offerings and personalized coaching approach, positioning Pike Lagree Pilates Studio as a premier destination for fitness enthusiasts. Additionally, we activated an influencer campaign, partnering with fitness influencers to showcase the studio's transformative workouts and drive traffic to their new studio location.

Results: Through our strategic partnership, Pike Lagree Pilates Studio experienced significant growth and brand recognition. Our engaging content resonated with their target audience, driving increased engagement and attracting new clients to the studio. The influencer campaign generated buzz around Pike Lagree Pilates Studio's offerings, resulting in a surge of interest and inquiries from prospective clients. Moreover, our efforts helped promote the opening of their second studio location, creating excitement within the community and positioning Pike Lagree Pilates Studio for continued success and expansion.

Conclusion: Our partnership with Pike Lagree Pilates Studio exemplifies the power of strategic digital marketing in driving brand growth and success in the fitness industry. By leveraging social media management, content creation, and influencer marketing, we helped Pike Lagree Pilates Studio elevate their brand presence, attract new clients, and promote their expansion efforts. As trusted partners, we remain committed to supporting Pike Lagree Pilates Studio on their journey of continued success and empowering clients to achieve their wellness goals.


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