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Case Study: Peer Beauty Suites Launching w/ Everyday Social Collective

Client Overview:

Peer Beauty Suites is the brainchild of Dana Fountain and Samantha Ghazarian, seasoned veterans in the salon and beauty industry with a combined experience of 20 years. Dana, a serial entrepreneur with successful ventures like Pin Me Up and Row 24, brings invaluable expertise in business growth and development. Meanwhile, Samantha, an accomplished esthetician, understands the significance of offering a client-centered and profession-forward experience.


Dana and Samantha recognized the need for a collaborative workspace that would empower freelance beauty professionals to thrive in their businesses. They aimed to create a space that provided everything needed for success, including a commission-free rate structure and impeccably equipped, hygienic workspaces. However, they faced the challenge of establishing Peer Beauty Suites as the go-to destination for beauty professionals seeking a supportive and modern workspace.

Our Approach:

Understanding Dana and Samantha's vision for Peer Beauty Suites, we embarked on a strategic branding journey to bring their concept to life. Collaborating closely with the founders, we developed a comprehensive brand strategy that showcased the unique benefits of Peer Beauty Suites. We highlighted the commission-free rate structure and meticulously designed workspaces, emphasizing the value proposition for beauty professionals looking to elevate their businesses.

Results: Our strategic partnership with Dana and Samantha resulted in the successful launch and establishment of Peer Beauty Suites as a premier destination for beauty professionals. By effectively showcasing the benefits of their collaborative workspace, we attracted interest from freelancers seeking a supportive and modern environment to grow their businesses. Dana and Samantha's commitment to providing a commission-free rate structure and hygienic workspaces resonated with beauty professionals, making Peer Beauty Suites the preferred choice in the industry. As trusted partners, we continue to support Dana and Samantha in nurturing their brand and fostering a collaborative community for beauty professionals to thrive.

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