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Case Study: Edge Perfection's Rise to Prominence with Everyday Social

Client Overview: Edge Perfection, led by Jackie from Keisque, is a visionary brand dedicated to transforming nail care with their innovative solutions. Their flagship product, the Original Patented Easy Peel Polish Barrier, has revolutionized the manicure experience, offering consumers a convenient and mess-free manicure solution for flawless nails. With features on esteemed platforms such as WGN News, partnerships with retailers like Nordstrom Rack and CVS, Edge Perfection is making waves in the beauty industry.

Challenges: Despite their innovative product and notable media coverage, Edge Perfection faced challenges in establishing a strong brand presence and reaching their target audience effectively. They sought to showcase the unique features and benefits of their patented product to trend seeking consumers and generate more buzz and excitement around their brand. As a dynamic brand led by a visionary leader, Edge Perfection required strategic guidance and support to navigate the competitive beauty market and achieve their business objectives.

Our Approach: Everyday Social collaborated closely with Edge Perfection to develop a comprehensive strategy tailored to their brand vision and goals. Leveraging our expertise in digital marketing and content creation, we devised a strategy to showcase the Original Patented Easy Peel Polish Barrier and create engaging content that resonated with their target audience. Through strategic social media management and influencer partnerships, we aimed to raise awareness of Edge Perfection's brand and drive consumer engagement.

Results: Through our strategic partnership, Edge Perfection experienced remarkable growth and brand recognition. Our engaging content showcased the unique features and benefits of the Original Patented Easy Peel Polish Barrier, resonating with consumers seeking a hassle-free manicure solution. Influencer partnerships played a key role in amplifying the brand's reach and credibility, with influencers showcasing the product's effectiveness to their audiences.

Moreover, our efforts led to Edge Perfection securing media coverage on esteemed platforms such as WGN News and Good Morning America, further elevating their brand visibility and credibility. Additionally, our collaboration facilitated Edge Perfection's product line being displayed in Nordstrom Racks nationwide, expanding their retail presence and reaching new customers across the country.

Conclusion: Our partnership with Edge Perfection exemplifies the power of strategic digital marketing in driving brand growth and success. By leveraging content creation, influencer partnerships, and media outreach, we helped Edge Perfection establish a strong brand presence and achieve significant milestones in the beauty industry. As trusted partners, we remain committed to supporting Edge Perfection on their journey of continued success and innovation in the nail care market.

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