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Case Study: Glo Up Salon - Shining Brighter Than Ever Before

Client Overview: Glo Up Salon, spearheaded by the visionary Nicole Farsalas, has transcended conventional beauty standards to become a beacon of glamour and sophistication. From its humble beginnings in Nicole's townhome to its expansion into multiple locations across Oakbrook, Chicago, Florida, and LA, Glo Up Salon continues to redefine the beauty experience with its personalized airbrush tanning, medical-grade skincare, and professional beauty services.

Challenges: As Glo Up Salon's presence expanded across the nation, the need to elevate their brand visibility and engagement became paramount. They faced the challenge of updating their online presence with a website redesign that captured the essence of their evolution. Additionally, securing features in prestigious publications like Destination Chicago and Hinsdale Living was crucial to enhancing their brand reputation. Moreover, establishing a strong influencer presence to reach a wider audience posed another challenge.

Our Approach: Understanding Glo Up Salon's aspirations and the competitive beauty landscape, we crafted a strategic approach to amplify their brand presence. We initiated a comprehensive website redesign, ensuring that their online platform not only reflected their growth but also provided a seamless user experience. Simultaneously, we leveraged our media relations expertise to secure features in esteemed publications, showcasing Glo Up Salon's journey and commitment to excellence. Additionally, we activated an influencer campaign using LTK (Like to Know It), collaborating with influencers to create engaging content that showcased Glo Up Salon's services and locations. This collaboration led to a feature on LTK's site, further enhancing Glo Up Salon's visibility and credibility in the beauty industry.

Results: Our strategic collaboration with Glo Up Salon has yielded outstanding results, propelling their brand to new heights of success and recognition. The website redesign has provided a captivating online platform, effectively showcasing Glo Up Salon's offerings and locations to potential clients nationwide. The features secured in Destination Chicago and other prestigious publications have bolstered Glo Up Salon's reputation as a leader in the beauty industry, attracting discerning clientele. Furthermore, the successful influencer campaign with LTK has expanded Glo Up Salon's reach and engagement, solidifying their status as a premier destination for glamour and luxury. As Glo Up Salon continues to evolve and inspire confidence in clients across the nation, we remain committed to supporting their journey and helping them achieve their ambitious goals.


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